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A bus ride that is part sightseeing and part roller coaster, as the bus follows a road carved into the cliffs. Probably one of the most scenic bus rides on earth.

Hazards and warnings

Narrow roads, heavy traffic, mad drivers. You name it.

Detailed description

Buy a Unico Costiera day ticket (7.50 EUR) and board the frequent bus to Amalfi. Buses are regular and comfortable. Make sure you sit on the right hand side for the best views of the coast.

Although it is possible to drive the route, and the thought of sweeping curves and stunning scenary might appeal, you might want to reconsider, as the reality is  parking in the small towns along the way is very limited, and the driver will spend most of the time looking at the road, not the surroundings. Not only that, but traffic is heavy, and meeting a bus on a blind corner is a pretty scary. The locals know the road very well, and don't tolerate dawdling tourists, so expect to be overtaken frequently. There's also very limited places to stop and admire the view.

Once on the bus, sit back and admire the views, until you reach Amalfi. if you don't mind a long walk down hill, Positano is a good stop. There's not much to do in Amalfi bar walk the main street and admire the church and the way the village is crammed into such a narrow steep sided valley.

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