Milan/Naviglio Martesana - Cassano d'Adda (Leisure bike ride) Route Details

Route Description

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This is a leisure ride along the Naviglio della Martesana to the Cassana d'Adda taking in pretty villages. At Cassana you can either take the train back to Milan, retrace your route back to Milan, or ride onwards along the Adda valley and towards Bergamo and Lecco.


The surface is mainly tarmacced, though at the start of the canal there are small square cobbles. Where is no tarmac the surface is compact and still suitable for road bikes

Hazards and warnings

Pay attention through Milan traffic. The route described through Milan uses cycle paths where possible (along via Olana and via Melchiore Gioaia). Also pay attention to cobbled streets in Milan. The through Milan is not direct as it takes in smooth roads so as to avoid the bumpy ride!

Route Map

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