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This challenging day trail offers a variety of attractions and terrain types, from the touristy Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge and top of Grouse Mountain to the back country Hanes Valley route. This is a perfect hike for visitors to Vancouver who are interested in catching the “regular tourist sights” but also want to experience the natural beauty of Vancouver’s nearby mountains without crowds of fellow tourists.

Detailed description

The Hanes Valley trail is a one way 15 km (9 mile) hike between Lynn Valley and the top of Grouse Mountain. The hike can be done both ways but this guide describes starting a Lynn Valley which is the uphill route. Experienced hikers should allow 8 hours for this hike but less experienced hikers should allow for more time. The trail is best done in late season because it traverses creek crossings and alpine slopes that are snow covered most of the year, so be sure to check trail conditions on the trail head boards before heading out. For waypoints and updated information check out the Hanes Valley Hike on TrekItNow.com

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