Mt Field East Circuit (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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The walk takes about 5 hours, crosses quite exposed country and past are rocky and uneven. Moderate grade walk


Parts are a little rough

Hazards and warnings

Half the walk is quite exposed and snow can fall at any time of year

Detailed description

Total time and distance includes ascent of Field East.

Tracked all the way, with the easier direction going in via Windy Moor.
From the car park a short track leads to the road which is crossed as is the access way to Lake Fenton to pick up the track that climbs steadily to Windy Moor.  The track over this open plain is obvious and when reaching a rocky area there is a junction.  One track goes up to Mt Field East whilst the other continues to the right on the Moor before dropping down to Lake Nicholls.

After descending from Lake Nicholls for close on 40 minutes there is a sign marked  is met with a temporary direction plate. From here it is a clear and distinct track (part of the Old Pack Track) leading off towards Lake Fenton. This is a very well benched track and can very easily be followed until it comes out on the road, after 20 minutes, at the bend where Lady Barron Creek passes under the road. About 10 metres beyond the creek a good track can again be picked up, the start of this has now been cleared to make the entrance fairly obvious and it has been cleared through to the next bend on the road coming out at some new steps beside a drain with a rock cage bar and close to the Woodland walk sign. The Woodland Walk can be joined but once reaching a barrier of Fagus it is necessary to bypass this and clamber over rocks towards the road, coming out at a large gum (this last bit saves some road walking, but many probably would prefer to avoid it and simply use the road from the Woodland corner). If opting for the Woodland way once emerging just follow the road to the next bend, only 4 minutes, where a gravel path leads to the historic hut used by the first ranger Bill Belcher. Further left up the road is the car park. The time from the commencement of the Old pack Track to Fenton is about 40 minutes and avoids a bit over 1.5K of road walking

Route Map

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