Grasstree Hill Circuit (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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The walk involves three quite steep ascents of 200, 100 and then 100 metres to reach the 544 metre high point on Grasstree Hill. The return is partly off track on a circuit through bushland.


Moderate but a few sections are roughish and part off track

Hazards and warnings

Navigation through bushland without distinguishing features

Detailed description

This route starts along the main Risdon Brook circuit track then after the prominent bay there is an offshoot track that leads quickly to a gate.   Once over the gate it just a matter of following the mostly distinct old vehicle track steeply up over two hills before dropping a short way to a junction with a higher grade track.  From here it is a matter of climbing over the hill  to eventually meet a fence line and eventually up to the Grasstree summit.  A vehicle track heads north then west and on leaving the track head south over the hilltops to another rough vehicle track.  This eventually leads to the north western end of Risdon Brook Dam.

Route Map

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