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Generally a fairly easy and short walk but the longer version is a bit rougher and adds an extra hour to the normal route to the summit. This extra section is untracked and involves a descent and an ascent back to the high point.


Main track is undulating and climbs several peaks on way to summit. Remainder is rough

Hazards and warnings

Loose scree and boulders

Detailed description

Starts from a forestry road  off Wielangta Rd south of Orford and climbs gently to the ridge line of the Three Thumbs, then follows this along over a few small bumps to the highest point at 549 metres.  The walk can be extended to the western most hill of the Thumbs.  It is only about 1 hour to the actual main summit and the extension makes the walk  more worthwhile.  The descent off the summit is on a rock scree but is not difficult.  An optional return along the south flank to avoid climbing back to the summit is a little scrubby in parts but mostly reasonable and a contour with the west saddle needs to be maintained.  However the better return to make a variation is via the marked forest loop track which leads back to the starting point.



This bushwalk included an extension to the western most of the Three Thumbs and a return by the alternative forest loop track..
The weather was sunny to start but from time to time cloud blocked off the sun and the cold wind became more noticeable.   A coffee stop was made at Orford on the way home.

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