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A Walk along the quite scenic Fortescue beach and on to the headland where numerous penguins reside passing Canoe Bay before the climb over a hill to Bivouac Bay. From here it is a gentle climb to Dolomieu Point


Only small ascents and descents

Hazards and warnings


Detailed description

 Along Fortescue beach a lagoon is passed that at times can make for a wet  crossing at high tide and the section from there to Canoe bay has Stinging Nettles so caution is required. The walk is quite scenic with spectacular views of The Lanterns at Cape Hauy and once on Dolomieu Point the view along the coastal cliffs is breathtaking.


 The day was quite warm but the shade from the trees helped keep the direct sun off us most of the time and once at Dolomieu Point and beyond there was a cool breeze

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