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Commences at start of Cape Pillar track and follows this for an hour before turning west across several plains on northern side of Crescent Mountain with final short ascent to the peak to overlook Maingon Bay. The view over to Crescent Bay is quite superb.


Plains can be wet at times

Detailed description

The initial part of the walk leads around the slope to meet Agnes Creek, where it crosses on a bridge,  and from there a gradually ascends close to 200 metres to the plains.   The climb is through a forest of modest size trees with a colourful understory, but the plains have a larger variety of flora and in spring it is a riot of colour for the whole way through to Arthurs Peak. 


 Delightfully sunny but mild conditions made for a very enjoyable walk, made even better by the massive display of wildflowers for the whole distance of the walk.  The track was easily followed and mostly quite dry and the views from Arthurs Peak along towards Tasman Island and over to Crescent Bay were great.

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