Cape Surville via Walters Opening (bushwalking) Route Details

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The shortest route to Cape Surville

Detailed description

Turn east off the Arthur Highway (A9) at Murdunna into Hylands Road. Follow this gravel forestry road, ignoring sidetracks, to both left and right which lead to forestry coups. Drive 9.6km from Murdunna to a junction and if the gate on the right along Richardsons Road is open drive along this to the end. The walking track commences here and soon climbs to go over the a bluff before descending steeply to a small creek, climbs again and drops to a larger creek, usually with fresh water running. After crossing the track climbs to a be level with the top of Cape Surville and soon a junction of the track coming from Fazackerleys Ridge is passed and Cape Surville is reached within 10 minutes or so after that. This last section affords good views onto Sisters bay and the unusual geological cliffs.


With a fine but breezy day we drove the end of Richardson Rd near Walters opening and made our way along the cliff top track to the cape. Although not a long time had passed since the last visit by the track, most of us were somewhat surprised that it had two steep climbs and descents; our memory was of a more level walk. Although it is only a short walk taking about 2:30 return these climbs added to the effort needed.

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