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Takes about 4 days to complete and is on a high plateau with lakes , tarns and mountain views. The endemic Pencil pine is a feature of the flora.


The track is good for the first hour and is distinct until Long Tarns. After that the walk is untracked, apart from a short section near the Walls.

Hazards and warnings

Exposed plateau and navigation experience essential

Detailed description

 Walks follows gently up hill past some large falls on the Little Fisher River and continues up the main valley until emerging on the plateau between Mersey Crag and Turrana Bluff.
At the car park follow along the now regenerating road which crosses Little Fisher River again  then take the left road to close to the end. A foot track, marked initially with stakes winds along then after 500 m the track enters the rainforest to the left; the track is now marked with old, overgrown blazes on tree trunks, together with a few new metal markers.  This section of the walk is wonderful with the rainforest being one of the prettiest in Tasmania.  The track follows the Little Fisher River to where another large stream flows in from the right.  If you break from the track at this point and follow the side stream upstream you will arrive at a spectacular waterfall, at its best after high rainfall.
Returning back to the junction of the two streams, the track crosses this sidestream and continues along the bank of the Little Fisher River.  Eventually, the track gradually distances itself from the river as it leads steadily uphill.  There is a very steep section further on with safety ropes in place.  Some 2 km beyond  the waterfall the track enters an open area that leads to a high valley of the Little Fisher River.  At this point are the foundations of an old hut. Follow the open leads to the head of the valley from which point a pad leads up the left side of the creek.  Further on it crosses to the right side of the creek and leads up to the lip of the plateau.  Long Tarns commence just beyond and Mersey Crag, sitting on the edge of the plateau, is 1.5 km to the west from the top of the valley.  

From here several options are available for walking, including a variety of ways of reaching the Zion Gate area. Iif wishing to continue through Zion Vale and Golden Gate to the plateau west of Mersey Crag to complete a circuit it is best to ascend through the forest from close to the 43000 easting.



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