Wellington Park Mt Patrick from East West trail (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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The walk is along the East West Trail to a cairn on the south side then follow a track almost due south to the summit of Mt Patrick passing the ruins of an old stone hut about 150m before the summit.


The East West Trail is hard gravel fire trail with several fire water holes along side. The Mt Patrick Track is reasonably well worn for much of its length, but some areas can be hard to follow, look for cairns and old ribbons.

Hazards and warnings

Some areas are soft peaty soil and can be muddy, some rocky areas can be slippery when wet. Jeffries Track has huge bog holes as it is used as a play area by 4WD nutters, so care is required to bypass these deep holes.

Detailed description

The East West Track is easy gently uphill walking for about 3k2 to a cairn on the south side.  The Mt Patrick track wanders through Snow peppermint and Dog wood for about 0.5km then through wet heathland dotted with Cutting Grass and various sub alpine heathland species before it ascends the Dolerite rock knoll of Mt Patrick, about 5k7,.  Take care to find the old ribbons and watch for cairns along the way.  At times the track seems to disappear but is findable with careful searching.  About 150m before the cairned summit is an old stone hut ruin with no roof. The three walls provide some shelter from a northerly wind.  The cairned summit may have some views but is surrounded by small trees, so they would be interrupted.  Generally the track is not very muddy, but in moist weather the vegetation can make the walking quite wet.


On 4/06/2010,  four of the RAMBOs set off about 09h00 from Hobart in a Prado 4WD and parked the car at the Jeffries Track and East West Trail junction.  We started walking at 10h35 and then found the carpark about 200m up the East West Trail.  We reached the Mt Patrick Track about 11h25, 3k2.  The old hut ruin was reached about 12h00, 5k56 and the summit about 12h10, 5k68.  It was a mist drizzling day, so no view from the summit.  Back to the old hut ruin for lunch 12h20 to 13h15, 5k8.  We did a very fast return to the East West Trail and no one really enjoyed this return leg.  We reached the east West Trail about 13h50, 6k48 and then tried to find a track up Mt Charles on the northern side of theTrail.  We gave up after about 30minutes and returned to the car about 14h45, 9k91 (Pedometer).  We all agreed to return on a fine day and do the walk slowly and enjoy it.  We finally found our way up Mt Charles on 18/03/2011, see another Sharemyroute.  We returned to Hobart via Jeffries Track to Crabtree, a hard 4WD slog as the road was being cleared for a fire break and logging nearby.

Route Map

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