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Route Description

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Involves a gently graded 100 metre height gain and a steeper descent of 150 metre, plus the reverse on return. The return walking time is some 4:30 over a distance of 15 kilometres


Track is a moderate quality and apart from some loose rocks on the track at times.

Hazards and warnings

Massive cliffs

Detailed description

Starts on an old road that passes though farm land then picks up track after crossing a style. The start has been slightly rerouted in recent years. Gentle uphill to a wire gate then turns right crossing a creek before climbing to Raoul Lookout.  The area has a considerable amount of Pimelea Niva  and Pultenaea making a colourful display in November.   From the lookout a descent through Eucalypt and Dogwood (Pomaderris) to a ridge with Eucalypt and then Casuarina until a heathland with tea tree and Ozothamnus, this is followed shortly by more Casuarina until finally emerging onto the heathland again near a pond.   Here much Calytrix and Epacris are found.

Track follows close to western cliffs and stays under the shelter of the Casuarinas for a considerable distance then crosses to the heath land for final section to Cape Raoul.  Just after the highest point on the cape a left track leads to a seal lookout.

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