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A not overly difficult walk over a thickly vegetated plateau followed by an ascent of a peak with good views over Southwest Tasmania


Virtually all is hardened, but some short sections are over uneven rocky ground and may require the use of hands.

Hazards and warnings

Rocky sections

Detailed description

The Devils Backbone is prominent on the right from the very start of the walk as you leave the visitor shelter.  Soon a small rock outcrop among trees close to the track is passed and is the Geeves memorial  (died in snow storm details in tramp  28????
Views over lushly vegetated plains follow before a gentle climb through woodland to the next level.  Once up this and out on heathland views of Hartz Peak and Mount Snowy appear.   Next there is a junction with a boarded track leading to Lake  Esperance where there are seats and fencing to protect    cushion plants previously damaged by trampling from walkers. Back on the main track, Ladies Tarn is passed before climbing begins  mostly not overly steep.   From Ladies Tarn a short sharp ascent comes to and indistinct  junction with the Hartz Lake track.  Hartz peak is the prominent track leading left    and ascends over a couple of terraces before sidling to the western side of the mountain and then ascending over a rock scree to the summit.   The rock work from the junction with the Hartz Lake junction saddle is very impressive  and well done

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