Newdegate Pass (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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A moderate grade walk with some rocks to negotiate, plus plenty of undulations.


Partly a good track and partly soft , wet and braided. Sections of rock scree to negotiate

Hazards and warnings

Rock scree and navigation and as it is alpine the weather can be a big factor

Detailed description

A good track runs along the shore of lake Dobson and part way along it a junction is met where the Urquhart Track is used to get to the Jeep Track (a 4wd road)  and eventually two ski huts are passed on the way back on to a walking track.  This track provides good views over the country and lakes to the north as it climbs to meet the boardwalk to the Rodway Shelter and Tarn Shelf.    At this point either go via the Rodway Range or take the Tarn Shelf as the inward leg. 
Tarn Shelf is a beautifully striking area of tarns, alpine flora, Fagus and pines and gently winds up and down  on the way to Lake Newdegate.  From here new boardwalk leads on to Newdegate Pass.   At the pass a somewhat braided pad contours the western side of the Rodway Range  to K Col followed by a climb over the rocks to the top and along to meet back with the incoming route at the Tarn Shelf junction.

Route Map

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