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Bushwalk over Rodway range to Clemes Tarn



Hazards and warnings

Rock screes and many boulders

Detailed description

From Lake Dobson the good quality track follows the shoreline before climbing gently on the Urquhart Track to meet the jeep road.  This 4wd track is not the ideal way to get to the alpine area of Mt Field, but at the moment is the only way up from this area.  A walking track leaves this near a ski lodge and meets a boardwalk that goes most of the way to a junction with the Tarn Shelf Track.   The track for the walk continues and climbs about 80 metres to the Rodway Range and along the at times rocky top before descending on a rock scree to K Col.  From there it is about 500 metres to Clemes Tarn and the interesting little  pool strewn plateau. It takes about 3 hours to reach Clemes.   An option is to ascend to Florentine Peak.



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