Panorama Luckman Circuit (bushwalking) Route Details

Route Description

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Only a short walk but is wet in places, a section of the track is not well defined and not marked and some rough spots will be encountered in the form of rocks to negotiate.


Wet and not well defined in sections and some has no pad at all

Hazards and warnings

Rocks and uneven ground as well as navigation in bush

Detailed description

Unfortunately the Panorama Track is now only a link between two parts of the Pinnacle Road, however it possible to make a circuit without having to spend much time walking on the road.

The start is from  a car park before the Big Bend and a rocky track, often with water running down it, and this is followed for a short distance to a somewhat muddy wet area with old cording where the faint junction of the Luckmans Track is met.  Follow up this somewhat overgrown track to the Luckman Hut, then as an historic option walk across country to the west to the ruins of the Wellington Ski Club hut and then up the very short distance to the road and over the plateau above it to the remains of the Skating Rink.  Back on the road or through the bush above the road to the top of the Panorama Track which is followed down through nice snow gums to the car.

In all a 1:45 to 2 hours walk which includes time for views.

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