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Route Description

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The walk is along a rough track, parts of which are muddy and wet and some sections not that well defined. The section on Thark Ridge has marker poles to assist navigation.


Track varies but much of it is on lightly defined pad and crosses many wet areas

Hazards and warnings

Wet areas, rock screes and cliffs

Detailed description

The pad from Big Bend crosses a wet area; this is due to rerouted shortly to a dryer site closer to the side of Thark Ridge.  The track along the side of Thark Ridge is in parts quite muddy after rain or during the winter.  It turns right on reaching a saddle in the ridge and climbs up and crosses this to head down to the plain leading to Devils Throne.  The return walk rejoins the inward track on this saddle.

The descent off Thark Ridge is on a rough lightly defined pad and includes a short scree section.  On reaching an old trail it crosses it and continues until the view of the plains becomes clear and at this point turns north west to go over the usually wet plain until a much drier rocky section is reached. A reasonable level track through hard country goes all the way to the Devils Throne lookout before descending short distance to Roaring Creek then climbs over wet heathland to Thark Ridge.  Before the top a short scree slope is met then it is along the track with yellow markers on green poles to the saddle where of the inward route.


This was just a delightful day on the summit area of Wellington Park.  It was cold and foggy in the valleys below and a touch of frost present in the shadows along the way, but being so still the made us feel quite warm ans we walked along beside Thark Ridge to cross the high saddle and descent to Devils throne.   The track was very wet and we had to dodge the frequent pools of water but the views were splendid and it was ever so peaceful in the bush.  The return was via Roaring Creek and Thark Ridge.

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