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Route Description

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The starting point to the climb is reached by walking up the Myrtle First track then along the fire trails. The ascent is on a pad that is reasonably obvious but is not scrub free


Light pad with close bushes some leaning over the track

Hazards and warnings

Boulders, scrubby bushes and cliffs

Detailed description

Commencing at Myrtle Forest and then along the fire trails past Trestle Mt until just after the Ringwood Fire Trail junction where the ascent track to Mt Marian commences.   

The ascent track is a distinct but lightly used pad. It starts by crossing a wet area before leading up along up a rocky ridge, passes close to an old chimney remnant, before climbing to summit.  A lot of scrubby bushes are at knee height and press in on the pad.

Prior to the 1990's there was only an unmarked route to  the summit, but some marking were added, such as tapes and rocks and a pad became established.   The start was not in a very environmental suitable location and a new start  (as at Aug 05) was put in by PWS.  It goes through a short woodland before emerging on a pineapple grass area.  At this point the depression in the pineapple grass is obvious but no breakthrough to soil has occurred (at last check)  Two or three very small spots have water pooling during heavy  runoff periods and may need some rocks in the future.

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