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A group for trail blazing Boma riders opening the country by sharing routes, photographs, tips and ideas.
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Boma off road wheelchair wheel

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Manufacturer of the awesome Boma off road wheelchair.
Woburn Sands, United Kingdom
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Guildford, United Kingdom

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A big loop covering Pewley Down, Chantries, St Martha on the hill, Newlands Corner and Merrow Downs

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South from the western end of Pewley Down, along Echo Pit Road to car-park at western end of Chantries. A loop outwards along southern side of Chantries, returning along the northern side.

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South east from Pewley Down to (almost) St Martha's car-park, then a first loop on the Chantries and a second loop to St Martha's

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Uploaded route from Google Earth KML file chantries_17dec2008.kml

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Camel trail, starting from Wadebridge.